Initial Consultation Analysis

It’s interesting that no matter how much space a person has, over time, we grow into that space.  Our natural conclusion is that we do not enough space.

There is no reason to be embarrassed. We all could use organizing help now and again. With our complementary 15-minute confidential telephone analysis, we will discuss your de-cluttering needs, and how putting Calm back into your life can be achieved.  Congratulations, you have now completed your first step to being organized.

The telephone analysis coupled with an on-site walk through facilitates the developing of a plan addressing your needs / wants to be organized.

On-Site Consultation

Clients who choose the “hands-on” approach we will visit your home or office and assist with detailed organizing, de-cluttering, and scheduling issues and create a plan to fit your needs.  Clients who prefer the “hands-off” approach we will continue with our Off-Site Assistance.

Off-site Assistance

Clients who prefer the “hands-off” approach CHAOS to Calm will provide the support needed for your organizing project.  It could be organizing a room, cleaning out a closet, de-cluttering to sell your home, or you’re ready to retire, we are here to bring calm to life.  We provide the services to make it easier for you to have the balance in life you desire.

Senior Packages

Offers seniors assistance with additional tasks such as companionship, light meal preparation, task management, local errands as well as organizing.   Please contact us to discuss a package designed to meet your specific individual needs.


Many clients may find that after the On-Site process is complete additional maintenance is required.  This is common, and periodic organizing visits helps prevent the refilling their space with more belongings.  CHAOS to Calm works with you to stop the clutter, reduce your stress, increase your calm by designing a customized maintenance program.

Fee Structure

Our fees are competitive.  We take into account the scope of each individual project, such as size of the project, special requests or needs of the client(s), anticipated duration of the project.