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Health by Organization

At Chaos to Calm my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself through organization in your life and home. I think organizing your living space along with your life is the fastest way to remove stress and enjoy the life you deserve. Helping someone see their true potential is my soul purpose on this earth.

Why I’m your person

Hi, my name is Justine Parker. I am born and raised in Fort St. John, BC. Growing up here has made me recognize that long days at work or being so busy, to keep your family happy, can take a toll on you. With anxiety and depression on the rise I think it’s important we put time and effort into our schedules. When my life started to get overwhelming I implemented schedules and routines and soon noticed all the positive benefits and how much easier life became.

My love for organizing homes started at my own. I enjoyed it so much I decided to become a Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer. Having a disorganized home causes more stress and distraction than a person realizes. The idea of starting a chaotic project can be overwhelming but that’s where I come in! I have a plan to combine helpful tricks for life and home organization to improve your mental health and make life easier! Email, call or text so I can take your life from Chaos to Calm.

What i offer

FREE Consultation

This is our first step, to figure out what I can provide you with, to improve your life! We will then book the necessary appointments. If home organization is wanted I will need to see the space to discuss time and if organizational products will be ordered.


-3 hrs of life organization

-3 hrs of home organization


-2.5 hrs of life organization

-2.5 hrs of home organization


-2 hrs of life organization

-2 hrs of home organization


-1.5 hrs of life organization

-1.5 hrs of home organization


-1 hr of life organization

-1 hr of home organization

Home organization

Once I check out the space during my FREE consultation I will decide what size of job it will be. Every job will include the following:

-remove everything from their chaotic spot.

-go through all items WITH YOU and decide if they are keep, toss or donate/sell. I will take all items that are toss or donate/sell if you like. No headache for you!

-clean all surfaces in designated space

-put all items back to their new organized calm spot

Small- $120

Small/Medium- $180

Medium- $240

Medium/Large- $300

Large- $360



Moving can be so stressful. Don’t let it be! I love to move my body so if physical labour is all you want help with, I got you! If the idea of packing up is what intimidates you then I can help with that part. If you want help organizing as you put away, I’m there! If you want help with it all, I can’t wait!

*included in all packages is a dump run.

Physical Labour $350

I help with no organization just help get your belongings from A to B.

Packing Up $350

We will go through items together for keep, toss or donate/sell. Which means less stuff to move!

Unpacking $350

I will help organize your new home in way that works and you love!

Fresh Start $800

I will help with it all, packing up, physical labour and unpacking. Let this move be a dream!

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